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Florence Schechter - Speaker, Author, Museum Professional, Intersectional Feminist 

Florence Schechter is the founder and director of the world's first bricks and mortar museum dedicated to the gynaecological anatomy, the Vagina Museum, founded in 2017. Her background is in science communication and has over 6 years of experience in public speaking and presenting live, on screen and radio.

After graduating in 2014 with a BSc in Biochemistry from the University of Birmingham, she started her science communication career.

She built up a science YouTube channel with over one million views, then interned at QI, the hit BBC show, for 8 months and was the main researcher for their app "Qiktionary".


In 2016, she enrolled in the Wellcome Trust funded "Talent Factory", a mentorship programme for emerging science communication talent in the UK.


She was invited to be part of the Trajectory, Ideas and Ambassadors Board of Cheltenham Science Festival in 2017 which advises on programming and strategy for the annual festival. As a science communicator, she has presented around the world at science festivals, museums and conferences.​

In 2017, she started the project to build the world's first bricks and mortar museum about the gynaecological anatomy - the Vagina Museum. She has won a number of awards for her work and been featured in the media internationally. The Vagina Museum has been covered in international news from The New York Times to The Guardian to The Lancet to TIME magazine to even appearing in a joke in SNL's Weekend Update. She has spoken at a number of conferences around the world about her work in activist museums.


Florence is an accomplished presenter on TV, radio and live on stage. She has been an expert contributor on TV documentary Engineering Catastrophes (Science Channel), a writer and presenter on the podcast Chemistry In It's Element (Royal Society of Chemistry), written for and presented on The Boring Talks (BBC) and voiced an explainer for the cancer charity Eve Appeal.

Her debut book "V: An empowering celebration of the vulva and vagina" is being published with Penguin in March 2023.


2011 - 2014

BSc Biochemistry (Hons), University of Birmingham



Highly Commended in Arts and Culture Category, Women of the Future Awards


Pioneer of the Year, Sexual Freedom Awards


Nominated Rising Star of the Year, DIVA Awards

Speaker appearances

6 November 2022

Keynote speech, Sexpression:UK National Conference

26 October 2022

Future of Sex Late, Science and Industry Museum

24 August 2022

Ugly Animal Preservation Society, Underbelly Cowgate

15 August 2022

Not Your Grandfather's Biology with Rachel Gross and Lucy Cooke, Vagina Museum

5-6 August 2022

Bajingo Bingo, Wilderness Festival

29 June 2022

Not Safe To Be Me Protest, Parliament Square

9 June 2022

Comedy Night, Cheltenham Science Festival

25 May 2022

Environmental Engagement in Practice, NCCPE

18 May 2022

20 April 2022

24 October 2021

IDAHOBIT Panel, LGBT Foundation

What do Animal Genitals Have to Tell Us About Ourselves?, Vagina Museum

This is a Vagina, Norwich Science Festival

13 October 2021

22 September 2021

22 August 2021

22 July 2021

It's About Bloody Time ft. Emma Barnett, Jewish Museum

Guest lecturer, Sotheby's Institute of Art

Bajingo Bingo, Green Man Festival

Taking Museum Engagement on Histories of Sexuality and Gender Online, University of Exeter

19 July 2021

12 June 2021

20 May 2021

27 February 2021

Learn Live: Vagina - Know Your Anatomy, British Library

Cosmic Shambles, Cheltenham Science Festival

Museum and Markets Conference, Chapman University, USA

Bajingo Bingo, St Hilda's College, University of Oxford

16 February 2021

3 December 2020

18 November 2020

21 October 2020

FUTURESEX WITNESS: Archives, Museums, and Spaces

Open Courtauld Hour: Rainbow Lenses, The Courtauld Institute of Art

Learn Live - Know Your Anatomy, British Library

Why Are We So Obsessed with Gay Penguins?, University of Exeter

6 June 2020

3 May 2020

10 March 2020

25 February 2020

Vulva Bunting Workshop, Cheltenham Science Festival

Secret Vaginas of Judaism, Limmud Festival

The Penis Gallery, The Book of Man Festival

Brief History of Vulvas in Art, Vagina Museum

21 February 2020

2 February 2020

15 January 2020

Queer Sex Panel, National Student Pride

Conway Hall Annual Ethical Gala, Conway Hall

Which Role for Museums in Community Advocacy on Global Challenges?, Museum Connections Conference, France

2 December 2019

Skeptics In The Pub, The Monarch

12 October 2019

6 October 2019

Badass Women's Hour, Talk Radio

What We’re Told Not To Talk About (But We’re Going To Anyway), Cheltenham Literature Festival

23 July 2019

Period Poverty and Sustainable Solutions in Africa, Zambia High Commission 

30 June 2019

2 June 2019

3 May 2019

13 April 2019

The History of Vulvas, Bradford Literature Festival

Making The Case For Her: Breaking Taboos, Women Deliver Conference, Canada

Bodykind Festival Cabaret, Bodykind Festival

Why The World Needs A Vagina Museum, Sh! Women's Erotic Emporium

28 March 2019

17 March 2019

10 March 2019

6 March 2019

Ri Youth Summit, Royal Institution

A Brief History of Vulvas in Art, Eroticon

Why The World Needs A Vagina Museum, Burgh House

Changing Bodies, JW3

22 February 2019

20 February 2019

6 February 2019

22 October 2018

A Brief History Of Vulvas In Art, Uniqlo Tate Lates

Queer By Nature, Vault Festival

Why The World Needs A Vagina Museum, Wellcome Trust

Project Pleasure, The Roundhouse, London

27 September 2018

14 September 2018

2 June 2018

17 May 2018

Agony Auncles of Science, Gravity Fields Festival, Grantham

Why The World Needs A Vagina Museum, British Science Festival

Vagina Day, Feminist Library

Data Beers, Facebook HQ

28 April 2018

14 February 2018

21 January 2018

8 September 2017

Solitary Pleasures Conference, Freud Museum

Valentine's Day Vaginas, Royal Institution

Women's Radio Station Live, Jermyn Street Theatre

Dr Jiggs Bowson, British Science Festival

7 September 2017

5 September 2017

5 - 26 August 2017

5 August 2017

OutThinkers - Pride in STEM, British Science Festival

The Post-Antibiotic Apocalypse - NESTA, British Science Festival

Agony Auncles of Science, BarBados, Edinburgh Fringe Festival 

Skeptics On The Fringe, Banshee Labyrinth

28 June 2017

1 October 2016

5 July 2016

9 June 2016

Large Stand Up Collidor, Science Museum Lates

Science Showoff, Rhonda McGraw Theatre

Science Showoff, Royal Society

Animal Showoff, Grant Museum