Image: Joséphine Amsler

A museum? What kind of museum, you ask? A museum about vaginas. Yes, you read that correctly.

The Vagina Museum will be a bricks and mortar museum that takes a holistic view of vaginas, from science to history to their place in culture. It will be a diverse place where there will be lots of different ways of engaging and getting involved. The museum is dedicated to being gender inclusive and intersectional.

You can follow this project on its website.

The Vagina Museum started when I was doing research for a YouTube video about Top 10 Animal Vaginas to go alongside the one I made about penises. But it was really difficult to find info - I was struggling to find 10 amazing animal vaginas. There just isn't enough vagina research out there. My brain went 'hey, there's that penis museum in Iceland. Maybe there's a vagina museum?'. There is not. (Well there's a virtual one but we won't rest until there is FULL EQUALITY). What is the only way to address this lack of vagina representation? Make your own vagina museum.


Florence is touring a 60 minute talk about why we need a museum about the gynaecological anatomy, my experiences researching vaginas and vulvas, and the wonderful and strange reactions received since the project began.

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